The Health & Wellness Program at Alliance for Children and Families is designed to address health and wellness issues in low-income families that make it difficult for them to maintain stable family environments where their children will thrive. The program helps families gain skills, tools and resources that they can use in their homes to follow healthy lifestyles, increase readiness for employment and increase children’s preparedness for school.

The Health & Wellness Program Coordinator engages residents and members of the low-income community to become more proactive in managing their health. They hold workshops and lead community events that educate participants on how to transition to healthier lifestyles within the constraints they face. The program integrates healthy eating into other program objectives. Children participate in weekly activities to help them form good habits early. They color, play and taste healthy foods to learn what will make them healthy. The Coordinator also promotes regular wellness checks and routine care for families to promote good health.

The agency’s health and wellness program includes an on-site health clinic operated by the Alliance Family Health Center. It serves ACF tenants and households in the surrounding neighborhood. Medical personnel have all received accreditation from their fields of discipline. Mount Union University faculty work with ACF to refer students in the medical programs as volunteers to gain hands on experience under hospital staff supervision. They may be pursuing certification as physician assistants, nurses, early childhood educators or physical therapists.


Some highlights of the Health & Wellness program include:

  • FREE First Aid / CPR Certification training
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Healthy Cooking Demos
  • Immunization Clinics
  • Interactive Health Website (health and wellness course and resources)
  • Wellness related classes such as Suicide Prevention and Narcan Training
  • And more!

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