If you’d like to use any of our services, the first step is to call the Homeless Hotline of Stark County at  (330) 452 – 4363.

The Alliance for Children and Families administers the following programs:

Permanent Supportive Housing Project

Alliance-Families Intact Residing Successfully Together

PSH is a 12-unit permanent Supportive Housing Project for homeless families with minor children in the household. The project consists of 10-units of new construction under one roof located at 110 West Cambridge Street in Alliance, Ohio with 2-single family 3-bedroom homes in the same neighborhood. The program provides a holistic approach to ending homelessness by providing on-site wrap around supportive services including a wellness clinic, case management, educational services, counseling, budgeting, laundry facilities, and programming. This increases housing stability and provides support services for the entire family, while reducing the barrier to transportation in a campus-like atmosphere.

Alliance Corporate Employment Services (A.C.E.S.)

Alliance Corporate Employment Services (A.C.E.S.) is a professional, confidential, work-based referral and support program. A.C.E.S. assists employees with work-related and/or personal problems that may adversely affect the employee’s job performance with a goal of retaining long term employment.

A.C.E.S. is available to provide you with the help that you need to be successful in achieving your work-life balance.

Just this year, ACF helped one of Alliance’s largest employers, Mac Trailer, move their retention rate from 30% to 60% in just seven months! Read all about the program in a real business setting on the Alliance Review.

Services Provided
  • Peer Support Referral
  • Counseling
  • Anger Management Assessment and Referral
  • Rental Assistance
  • Affordable Housing Referrals (for less than 30% cost burden)
  • Wrap Around Supportive Services
  • Medical Clinic Referral for Extended Household Members – Uninsured,
  • Transportation
  • And more!
Testimonial from an A.C.E.S.

“I was referred to the A.C.E.S. program through my employer. In meeting with Brandi, she made us feel very comfortable and explained all the programs that A.C.E.S. offered and which ones could help my family, which there are many great programs. Brandi referred us to the Salvation Army, in which the Salvation Army helped my family with our rent, which was a huge help for us. The A.C.E.S. program, along with Brandi, is an excellent program for our community. Myself, my wife, and our four children thank you. Especially Brandi.”

Emergency Shelter

Alliance Emergency Residence (AER)

Our Homeless Shelter Program provides temporary housing to individuals and families in Alliance and surrounding areas who are homeless.  The shelter has 9 secured units and 30 beds.  Residents are permitted to stay up to 90 days.  Basic services include assistance with fundamental necessities (i.e. food, clothing, diapers, baby formula, etc.), access to kitchen/food services, bathroom and laundry facilities, use of telephone services, life skills classes and case management.

Our Alliance Emergency Residence (AER) also provides employment options through newspapers and referrals. AER is also within walking distance (3 city blocks) of the Alliance Neighborhood Center and the Alliance Health Department.

All prescreening is done through the Homeless Hotline of Stark County at 330-452-4363.

Call us to see if you or someone you know are eligible.


Alliance Emergency Residence

70 East Columbia Street
Alliance, Ohio 44601

Affordable Housing

Scattered site, single family homes without rental subsidy are available for successful graduates of PSH.


Ending Domestic & Family Violence Through STAMP

STAMP – Skills to Acquiring Mastery of Parenting

(participants do not have to call the Homeless Hotline of Stark County to register for the class)

This FREE hands-on, participatory course, developed by Alliance for Children and Families, teaches parents how to use positive discipline, anger management and conflict resolution skills.

Raise safe, healthy happy children and protect them from violence with parenting skills learned in STAMP. Read our latest S.T.A.M.P Testimonial or sign up for classes here.

Financial Literacy

Our Financial Literacy program meets one hour per week for six weeks. The classes help participants understand their spending habits, establish a budget and set realistic financial goals.

Learning what not to do can be just as important as learning what one should do. Discussions about the risks of credit cards, payday lending and financial scams help the participants protect themselves from risky decisions.

The class is open to anyone in Stark County. Participants who meet income eligibility guidelines receive a stipend of $200 when they complete the class.

Health and Wellness

ACF has a health clinic on-site that is operated by the Alliance Family Health Center . It serves ACF tenants and households in the surrounding neighborhood. The Program Coordinator engages residents and members of the low-income community to become more proactive in managing their health. She holds workshops and creates community events that educate participants on how to transition to healthier lifestyles within the constraints they face.

The program integrates healthy eating into other program objectives. The Coordinator promotes wellness checks and routine care for parents to prevent serious health problems and to identify existing illnesses or chronic conditions.

Children participate in weekly activities to help them form good habits early. They color, play and taste good foods to learn what will make them healthy. While children are engaged in developmentally appropriate activities while the parents attend their trainings and demonstrations.

The agency’s health and wellness program aligns with the serves in the onsite health clinic operated by the Alliance Family Health Center.  Medical personnel have all received accreditation from their fields of discipline. Mount Union University faculty work with ACF to refer students in the medical programs as volunteers to gain hands on experience under hospital staff supervision. They may be pursuing certification as physician assistants, nurses, early childhood educators or physical therapists.


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