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We, Alliance for Children & Families, Inc. —through direct services, advocacy, education, prevention, intervention, supportive services, and the development and implementation of innovative and productive programming—are committed to empowering children, individuals and families to restore them to lives of stability, self-sufficiency and enhancement. We do this by treating all persons with dignity and respect, while embracing their diversity.

Monthly Feature: Violence in the Media

What is Emotional Abuse?

Although emotional abuse causes no physical damage, the bruises caused by this harmful behavior can be just as scarring. Some signs of emotional abuse are obvious, like bullying, lies and threats. Other signs, like favoritism and thought policing are harder to spot. Follow the link to learn more about spotting the signs of Emotional Abuse.

Coping with Emotional Abuse

What NOT to do

  • Remove yourself from the situation as quickly as you safely can.
  • Don’t fight fire with fire and reciprocate. You will regret it and probably find yourself still apologizing for it years later.
  • Don’t try to handle it all on your own. Call for supportive help and call the police if any threats or violence occur.
  • Don’t ignore it, steel yourself and tell yourself that you can handle it and that it does not affect you. Ignoring it increases the likelihood that the situation will repeat itself.
  • Don’t hide it from others. Most long-term cases of abuse stay that way because the victim stays silent.

What TO do

  • Remember you didn’t cause it, you can’t cure it and you can’t control it.
  • Get yourself and any children out of the room and out of the house as quickly and safely as you can.
  • If violence or threats of violence have occurred, call the police immediately.
  • Stay away from the situation until the abuse stops and you feel calmer and safe.

News & Announcements

Winter S.T.A.M.P. Class Begins 1/18/17!

S.T.A.M.P. (Skills to Acquiring Mastery of Parenting) Classes beings January 18, 2017! Contact Housing Director, Dan Hennon, at (330) 823-6008 to sign up while spots are still available. Click to learn more about S.T.A.M.P

ACF Continuing Education

This Fall, the Alliance for Children and Families staff attended various trainings and seminars to further their education to better serve the community members of Stark County.

The staff attended the Ohio Housing Conference and earned CEU’s for Fair Housing Training. And all staff is now certified in First-Aid/CPR an all Case Managers are Ohio Bank Counselors!

We are proud of our hardworking staff and their commitment and enthusiasm to be the best in their fields. We look forward to taking more classes in the spring!

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